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Fresher Cleaning Is The Best House Cleaning Service In Vancouver

I was completely frustrated. My apartment was a mess, and I absolutely had no energy to do all the cleaning myself. Matter of fact, I haven’t had much energy for anything since the breakup. And it certainly doesn’t help when you come home from work and not only see the empty remainders of what used to be a happy home for a happy couple, but also seeing it completely cluttered and messy with things not being where they’re supposed to be. I suppose it’s some twisted version of life imitating art.

Anyway, enough of the drama. I had enough of this pigsty of an apartment, as its been like this for weeks. I wanted.. Nay, I *NEEDED* a change of scenery. It would be a little too drastic to move out of this place since I’ve been living here for the past 6 years and have grown quite fond of the place (plus it’s near enough downtown Vancouver without having to pay downtown rental rates). But since I had no motivation whatsoever to clean up the place myself, I went for the next best thing: hire someone to do it for me.

After hours and hours of searching for a Vancouver house cleaning service, I decided to go with Fresher Cleaning which seems to be a relatively small mom and pop cleaning operation here in the city. I found them from Google, and their website really just connected with me. I thought about going with Molly Maids since I see their ads everywhere, but after calling for a quote they were insanely expensive. Not so much with Fresher Cleaning. They published their rates right on their website, and a 2 bedroom home only cost $150 or so (that’s the overall charge, they pay the HST fees themselves which I found to be pretty awesome of them). I could definitely afford that if it meant getting a cleaner home.

I have nothing but praises for this little company. See, I like supporting local businesses and prefer to go with the smaller mom and pop business more often than not. But sometimes their services leave a lot to be desired. Not so much with Fresher Cleaning — these guys really take pride in their work. My cleaner did an amazing job turning this mess of a home upside down and basically giving it a fresh start. Clothes are finally off the floor, the dishes are clean again, the bathroom tiles are sparkling clean and chrome surfaces are shinier than I’ve ever seen.

This is really a great service, almost up to par with Blitz Junk Removal Vancouver (review coming soon). I was so impressed that I gave the cleaners a $10 tip for doing such a great job. I’m even thinking of treating myself every 3-4 weeks by hiring them and giving myself a break from doing spending the entire Sunday afternoon tidying up the house. For all of my friends reading my blog, instead of going with Merry Maids I highly suggest that you guys give Fresher Cleaning a call if ever you need house cleaning services (they’re expanding to offer Calgary house cleaning services FYI).

November 30, 2011 Local